About WTFis.

If you wanted to read a blog about someone writing about their uncle vinny, various linux distributions, their dog chip, their love of nutty buddies or how much they like writing about their barren, bootless entreaties; you’ve come to the right place for not that. I hope you’ve noticed that this place sucks and pisses on your calvin pissing on whatever you have a sticker of calvin pissing on. This is my comedy blog-o-interwebnetsphere of insane proportions.

I’m really just a normal guy in Brooklyn who likes music, alcohol, sports, drugs, sex, violence and violent sex. Oh, and I enjoy tea, cheese, reading and motherfucking comedy. Hopefully my links on the sidebar will give you a good idea of what i’m into.

This is the place where i’m writing my random thoughts that I find funny (Sometimes I call it my diary of Anne Prank. Who I am pranking, I don’t know but I never had to live in a closet in Amsterdam under Nazi rule so I guess i’m lucky). On a brighter note, this is a primer for my standup as well as a humor blog, a comedy blog, etc. I’ve been crapping out crap in the form of blog text since June of 2005 which I would not normally know, but computers keep track of that sort of thing. I think you will see from my earlier posts that I have really come a long way with my writing. I try to write short and somewhat sweet (splenda if you please) so that you will actually read it (If anyone actually reads blogs i’m not sure). I have no agenda (domination) and I am not motivated to write from any outside source. I can only hope to please you or your parents. Basically, if one of these posts makes you smile or makes you put your sleeping roommates hand in a bowl of warm water, then I feel like i’ve done something. I’ll never know, but let me feel like you put your sleeping roommates hand in a bowl of warm water. I certainly just did. Anyways, stop reading this because the comedy blog is for reading, not the bio.

Feel free to drop me a line for any reason what-so-ever.

Except if you hate the black on white color scheme.

b v l l e t s @ g m a i l d o t c o m

p.s. – If you steal my jokes, I will find you and ruin you. The legal system is too expensive/gay.