Hanging out with Models.

If you tell someone you’re hanging out with models, make sure you tell them that they’re really well crafted muscle cars and supersonic aircraft built straight from the kit, glued to approximate scale military spec standards and not that snap-tite well your eyes don’t line up legoland mom present oh thanks for the retard gift bullshit. Real models we’re talking about here.

Maybe I sniffed too much glue but I’m sure anyone would be impressed at that.

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  1. Robert Hughey Says:

    Oh, is sniffing glue bad? I find it helps hold my face in place after all the years spent sniffing cocaine and crystal meth. For me, it’s really just a matter of fashion.

    Great site.

    I’m going to link to from my little baby comedy blogger site: http://www.SSSTLG.com
    Nice to meet ya.

    -Robert Hughey

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